Litigation & Arbitration

Dispute resolution stands as a cornerstone of our firm’s practice. With an exceptionally high success rate, our team of experienced litigators offers comprehensive legal assistance and representation in both domestic and international litigation, as well as arbitration.

We provide our clients with exhaustive advice at every stage of a dispute. First, we conduct a thorough assessment of the chances and risks stemming from the case’s facts and applicable legislation. Subsequently, we discern favourable settlement opportunities. Finally, we deliver assistance and representation across all procedural stages, adroitly adapting to the progression of the dispute, regardless of whether the proceedings take place under the jurisdiction of state courts or within the realm of arbitration, in areas such as commerce, investment, sports or IP. Should the client approach us after having received an unfavourable solution, we shall provide
assistance and seek redress by resorting to international legal instruments (see CJEU/ECHR) or through actions for damages based on judicial oversights (see Damages).

Dr. Tudor Chiuariu is a renowned arbitration expert, having been appointed as an arbitrator in both domestic and international arbitration proceedings, including those held under the ICC Paris rules, and has also conducted significant research in this field.

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