Our firm is exceptionally prepared to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of European law, with an established record of representing our clients’ interests before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Our expertise in the realm of EU law is comprehensive and far-reaching. We provide assistance and representation across a broad spectrum of fields, especially in the administrative law of the European Union and its implementation at both national and supranational levels. For instance, our experienced attorneys can adeptly navigate the intricate framework governing the EU’s economic sanctions, allowing us to challenge Union or national measures with efficiency and within the appropriate jurisdiction. Nevertheless, this comprises just one facet of our expertise, as we can also defend our clients in any dispute, at any level, where the law of the European Union is applicable.

Our attorneys have an esteemed track record of representing before the ECHR. Our profound understanding of the Court’s case law places us in a favourable position, enabling us to formulate robust applications and defences in order to safeguard the fundamental rights of our clients, either from incipient stages in the proceedings held before national courts or, as a last resort, before Strasbourg court.

Importantly, these areas of expertise are not mutually exclusive, as we are able to navigate the complex interplay between the jurisdiction of the two courts, all with the objective of providing the most comprehensive protection of our clients’ interests.

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