Chiuariu & Associates secures successful land transaction of EUR 6.8 million for one of the top five agricultural landowners in Romania.


Chiuariu & Associates assisted an important international agricultural investor in Romania in connection with successful land transaction deal with an estimated value of EUR 6.8 million.   

Chiuariu & Associates supported the client throughout all phases of the transaction and was involved in negotiation, drafting, conclusion, and enforcement of several agreements having as subject matter the transfer of property on several land plots in a total area of 765 hectares.

Initially the deal included several sale purchase agreements promises which afterwards partially turned into final sale purchase agreements. Our law firm was also involved in subsequent issues in connection with the implementation of the transaction including several agreements envisaging the lease agreements, conclusion of the sale-purchase agreement for a part of the land plots, applicable tax and VAT issues. In the entire transaction and the implementation process thereof several law domains and complex law issues were incident such as real estate, lease agreements, tax law, agriculture law.

The client is an important international company, one of the top five landowners investor in agriculture domain in Romania which performs agriculture activities at the highest possible level following a massive capital investment with a state-of-the-art modern farm and technical utilities and which actively stimulated the local economic and working environment.

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