Lawyers Views: 282

Dr. Tudor Chiuariu

Dr Tudor Chiuariu is the Senior Partner and the coordinator of Litigation & Arbitration Practice at Chiuariu & Associates –...

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Lawyers Views: 153

Tudorel Popa

Tudorel has acquired more than 10 years of experience in providing legal assistance to clients in complex cases, combining expertise in the...

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Lawyers Views: 43

Vlad Goanță

During his 23 years of practice as a litigating lawyer, Vlad perfected his qualities and skills in complex proceedings involving corporate,...

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Lawyers Views: 197

Drd. Vera Ciochină

Drd. Vera Ciochină is counsellor at Chiuariu & Associates – Attorneys at Law. Her main areas of expertise are corporate affairs,...

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