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Chiuariu & Associates is a business-oriented International Law Firm located in Bucharest, Romania.

We are delivering a full range of legal services to international and national clients for the establishment, development, and legal security of businesses, with extended expertise in Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Labor Law, Criminal Law, and Sports Law.


Rooted deeply in the tradition of academic excellence, practical problem-solving and pursuit of innovation, we offer high-end legal advice in business transactions, investment projects, regulatory enforcement, and disputes.


Our experienced lawyers are recognized as leaders in their fields. Together with our younger enthusiastic associates, we form a strong collective, relentlessly chasing excellence.


We provide extensive due diligence review and advice on all legal aspects, from designing the transaction, to obtaining the relevant regulatory approvals, drafting, and negotiating contracts and related documentation and to overseeing their successful conclusion.


We advise and represent clients before the Romanian, European, and international courts in cross-border litigation matters, as well as in domestic and international arbitration.


Where possible, we strive to prevent or resolve disputes in the early stages, for example through strategic advice, negotiations, mediation, or expert determination.

We give an effective response to the “over-criminalization” of the law, by providing business and criminal law related assistance. There is an increased tendency to expand the scope of criminal law into business related areas, mirrored in the establishment of ever more specialized criminal offences, and an increased activism of the investigative services, requiring equally specialized legal expertise to ensure that procedural safeguards and fundamental rights are always observed, and the business environment is not abusively obstructed.
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