Tax Law

Chiuariu & Associates delivers services across all fields of taxation in order to help companies thrive under local challenges. Our team has competencies in business taxation, international tax regulations, transaction tax, tax compliance and tax disputes.

The experience of Chiuariu & Associates is reflected in the various cases we have successfully defended in front of courts as well as public authorities on issues related to tax penalties, abusive tax inspections, value added tax, excise duties, among others.

Chiuariu & Associates also offers legal consulting regarding transfer pricing. Our firm reviews inter-company agreements, transfer pricing policies available at group level, the compliance of group transfer pricing documentation with the Romanian regulations, the availability, and the conformity of the supporting documentation.

Furthermore, Chiuariu & Associates offers legal assistance regarding the tax risk associated with each inter-company transaction, including an estimate of the potential tax adjustment and the suitability of the existing transfer pricing documentation.

Our team also reviews and identifies opportunities of tax optimization and recommends alternatives for structuring the inter-company transactions.

Our areas of practise in the field of taxation include:

  • Tax/VAT registration;
  • Tax optimization;
  • Dialogue with tax authorities;
  • Regular updates on tax regulations, administrative practices, and case-law;
  • Transfer prices;
  • Tax contestations;
  • Tax litigations.
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