Commercial & Corporate

Our firm provides a complete set of legal consultancy services in founding and managing undertakings, drafting and negotiation of all types of commercial agreements, mergers & acquisitions, procedures before the National Trade Register Office, daily assistance with the general aspects of corporate & commercial law that are necessary for running an enterprise, founding and registration, and eventually reorganisation, dissolution and liquidation of undertakings, as well as any other usual business activity. 

Our firm renders legal assistance during all phases of a transaction, starting from the evaluation of the companies that are involved, analysing the optimal structure of the transaction, drafting and compiling pre-contractual documents, negotiation, signing and drafting of the contract, as well as legal assistance pertaining to the execution, implementation and interpretation of the contract, including the termination of contractual relations.

We ensure assistance and representation for our clients in litigation and both national and international arbitration regarding disputes between professionals, related to the signing, validity, effects, execution and termination of contracts (such as sales, rental, insurance, leasing, credit, guarantee contracts, etc.), contractual or non-contractual liability, debt recovery, damages, problems related to the founding, managing and dissolution of undertakings.

In addition, we offer assistance and representation in litigation involving petitions lodged by stakeholders/shareholders, creditors or third parties against decisions of the general assemblies or pertaining to registration with the National Trade Office, dividends, protection of minority shareholders/stakeholders etc.

Relevant experience

  • Provided assistance to one of the largest fashion and event organisation conglomerates in the world regarding the signing and execution of commercial contracts with various business partners;
  • Assisted another such conglomerate with issues regarding mergers & acquisitions;
  • Provided consultancy to a prominent business figure in selling shares to a foreign investor;
  • Assisted Moldovan energy investors regarding potential acquisitions of lands and undertakings in Romania;
  • Offered assistance and representation to a group of renowned companies in the field of pastry and their stakeholders regarding insolvency and holding the management of these companies liable for their conduct;
  • Assistance and representation rendered to an important Italian agricultural investor in Romania regarding the signing, negotiation, drafting and execution of several contracts with business partners;
  • Assistance and representation offered to the same investor regarding contractual liability of an insurer and a broker in relation to damages suffered because of routine activities.
  • Provided assistance and representation to a well-known natural person regarding the negotiation of his termination as creative director and the share assignment from a prominent local fashion company. 
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