Real estate & Urbanism

Our firm offers assistance and representation to clients, be they natural or legal persons, real estate developers, construction undertakings, public entities, entrepreneurs, general contractors, subcontractors and providers, contracting partners, but also beneficiaries, regarding real estate projects (office buildings, residential complexes, industrial plants, retrocession of real estate).

Our activity includes due diligence analysis, negotiation, drafting and executing enterprise contracts, including FIDIC contracts, drafting the documentation that is necessary for the transaction, legal opinions on strategies and acquisition contracts, civil engineering contracts, infrastructure, utility projects, public procurement, construction projects, expropriations, from the initial stages all the way to the finalisation of the projects. 

In addition, we offer legal assistance and representation with regards to the formalities for registering, rectification and deletion from the land book, as well as remedies used to challenge entries in the land book.

Our firm renders assistance and representation in disputes stemming from urban planning certificates (general urban plans, zoning plans, detailed urban zoning), disputes related to, but not limited to granting, the effects, annulment of urban certificates and construction permits, as well as requesting damages pertaining to refusal of (wrongful) granting of such acts.

We offer assistance and representation in litigation regarding all incidental aspects in the field of urbanism and zoning, as well as use of lands, before ordinary courts, but also administrative entities with jurisdictional attributes (DAB) and arbitration.

We collaborate with experts and consultants from the fields of urban planning, real estate and that of construction in order to offer clients integrated, complete and efficient solutions for the operation of their businesses, but also to solve disputes related to these aspects.

Relevant experience

  • Legal assistance and representation offered to a known investor and real estate developer (natural person), in cases related to the granting of urban certificates regarding lands, against local authorities.
  • Assistance and representation provided to the same investor in litigation involving damages from incapacity of usage of land erroneously defined by the planning authorities as greenery, against the respective authorities. 
  • Assistance and representation provided to a prominent investment and real estate figure, in a case involving the request of a public authority to annul its own act enacted in order to hand back land that was illegally confiscated.
  • Assistance and representation for natural persons in expropriation procedures, as well as damages caused thereof.   
  • Legal assistance and representation awarded to local administrative authorities regarding the termination of a financing contract signed with the Environment Fund Administration (AFM).
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