Our firm provides representation to our clients, debtors, creditors, and investors whenever their businesses find themselves in difficult times. In addition, we offer consultancy regarding the creditors’ rights, insolvency litigation, restructuring, fraudulent transfers of undertakings.

In order to support the international strategies of our clients, we developed professional ties with partners from other jurisdictions from within specialised networks of attorneys from all around the world, whose practice involves complex international commercial disputes, even in jurisdictions organised around common law. For these reasons, we offer strategic pre-trial consultancy and assistance in the matter of cross-border dispute resolution, especially regarding a wide variety of judicial and non-judicial matters which are common in insolvency procedures.

For the creditor whose undertaking finds itself in financial difficulties we can provide assistance in maximising the funds that are obtained following the procedure, while minimising the financial impact on one’s own interest. We can collaborate in tracking and recover debts before a debtor enters formal insolvency proceedings. We offer consultancy and assistance in the following fields: aiding the creditors in understanding their options and rights, debt recovery and fulfilment of guarantees.

We offer legal counselling and assistance with the aim of maximising options for one’s own business and its chances for recovery during times of financial difficulty. If the client’s undertaking faces financial troubles, it is important to seek assistance as quickly as possible in order to facilitate recovery. Our consultancy – marked by experience and accessibility – can help with understanding the financial situation and the prospects of the business, as well as available options, which may involve negotiations with creditors, non-judicial restructuring, judicial procedures of pre-insolvency, insolvency, or liquidation.

In addition, we offer assistance to management boards and to each manager regarding their obligations in times of financial difficulties, the obligation to initiate insolvency procedures, obligations to notify, the equal treatment of creditors and managers and the reduction of liability risks.

In insolvency and bankruptcy procedures, counselling is vital. Being held personally liable for the debts of a company can lead to the loss of personal belongings, even one’s own home. Moreover, if a court holds a person liable in this context, the latter will be prohibited from holding managing positions in other companies for 10 years, starting from the date when the court’s judgement becomes final.

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