Sports Law

Dispute resolution in sports activity is usually assigned to arbitration and requires a specific expertise.

Our team has a consistent track record of more than 13 years of acting in the field and provides legal assistance regarding economic, labor, tax, disciplinary, and human rights aspects of sport. It covers negotiation and enforcement of the agreements between clubs and athletes, alongside the contracts for transmission of the image rights, including consultancy with respect to the relevant tax related issues.

Our firm represents clients in front of various institutions both domestically (e.g. the arbitral tribunals affiliated with the Romanian Football Federation and the Romanian Football Professional League) and abroad, in front of international bodies, such as Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS) based in Lausanne, Switzerland, FIFA and UEFA legal committees, Swiss Federal Tribunal (in cooperation with local partners) and European Court of Human Rights.

Relevant experience

  • assisted the players and the supporters of a Romanian football club of great tradition in a publicised arbitration case regarding the disciplinary measures applied in the top national football league
  • assisted a significant domestic football club in several litigations in connection to the protection of its intellectual property rights rights over the history and the track record before Courts of Appeal
  • assisted a well-known investor of an important Romanian football club before the European Court of Human Rights in several cases in matters connected to sports
  • represented several top league handball clubs in arbitration proceedings regarding disciplinary measures following alleged regulatory infringements
  • assisted an association of several sport clubs, officially recognized by the international karate federation, in several litigations regarding the formation of a national federation
  • represented a national pointing dog association in the annulment proceedings of a disciplinary measure
  • defended a first league women’s handball club in an arbitration case regarding payment rights claimed by the players
  • represented players of a prominent football club in one of the first Romanian arbitration cases regarding match-fixing related disciplinary measures
  • assisted an established Romanian football club in an arbitration case against its coach regarding the termination of his contract and related payment obligations
  • defended the coach of a football club in an arbitration procedure regarding abusive termination of his contract
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