Labour & Immigration

Chiuariu & Associates offers consultancy on the legal framework relating to labour elations, public office, and immigration issues.

Our team has an outstanding experience in labour disputes, especially disciplinary proceedings, representing both employers and employees, ensuring the observance of the applicable law and of the rights and interests of the clients we assist and represent.

Chiuariu & Associates offers services in the field of employment, amounting to drafting both individual and collective agreements, job descriptions, internal regulations, and other documents specific to employment relations. In addition, our team assists and consults clients during the negotiation and conclusion of individual contracts and collective labour agreements.

Our attorneys offer assistance and representation in litigation related to the termination and modification of individual labour contracts, more precisely regarding the rights and obligations laid out in the collective labour agreement and the individual labour contract, as well as the disputes stemming from claims arising from labour agreements.

Chiuariu & Associates offers legal consultancy regarding all aspects of recruiting and employment of the workforce within Romania, including the procedure of integrating foreign workers.

We assist clients in a wide variety of issues related to immigration and residence permits, including work permits, all of the necessary documentation, as well as during the inspections carried out by the competent authorities and institutions.

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