Corporate Sustainability

One of the fundamental aspects of the European Union’s Green Deal is the endeavour to make corporate entities sustainable. Among other measures, one that concerns corporate interests is the obligation to report on the sustainability of the company’s activity. As the transposition deadline for Directive 2022/2464 of the EU on corporate sustainability reporting nears, and Member States must implement this act into their national legal orders by July 2024, it follows that companies which are active on the EU market will have the obligation to report on the sustainability of their activity. Some analysts even believe that failure to comply with this European trend will result in economic isolation of non-compliant countries, which can have a negative economic impact of 10-15% of national GDP, as reported by the economic press –

Our team of business lawyers with in-depth knowledge of European law is prepared for the upcoming standards on corporate sustainability. We can assist EU companies and subsidiaries from third countries in meeting the specific standards of sustainability, helping them avoid excessive encumbrance by this complex system and stay connected to the broader world as it makes the sustainability of economic activity into one of its main goals.

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