Vlad Goanță

Senior Associate

During his 23 years of practice as a litigating lawyer, Vlad perfected his qualities and skills in complex proceedings involving corporate, civil and administrative law, labour law, and insolvency. Moreover, he adviced clients for projects in real estate, constructions and energy.

Vlad can provide legal assistance and representation during all stages of an undertaking’s existence, be it its founding or a takeover, through mergers, acquisitions, split-ups, exits, reorganisations, regardless of their voluntary or judiciary nature and finally insolvency and liquidation procedures.

Before joining our team, Vlad coordinated the Litigation Department of a local law firm for 12 years.

Vlad received an LLM degree in Business Law from the Romanian-American University in Bucharest and is a member of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners since 2006.

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